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Copic Ciao Skin Tones

Are you digging for a set of color exploded skin sights that offers a one stop shop for finding out about various shades of toners? If so, then Copic Ciao 5+1 marker set - skin tone is the set for you! Each set offers 6 markers in it which help you to find out about various shades of toners in one place.

Copic Skin Tone Set

The Copic Ciao 51 marker set is a top-notch way to give your writing a new look! In the set, you'll find 5 different pen skin tones, which will help you to set your notes in a new and improved style, the pen is especially good for type 2 and 3 characters, as all of their skin tones are included. This write-in-the-direction set is a first rate substitute to help improve your writing skills, and make your notes look their best, the Copic skin tones portrait kit comes with 6 different Copic markers in various shades. These can be used to create a style with skin tone tones and a modern look, the set also includes a brush and in-house software which makes it basic to create tones for any skin tone. This Copic Ciao skin tones portrait kit includes 6 Copic markers in various skin tones and 6 portrait style bowls with 6 different skin colors, you can create any skin tone you want and use the tools to give your skin an unique look. The kit also includes a controller for the markers and bowls, this kit includes 6 different tone colors that can be used to create a personal tone color for your skin. The set also includes a Copic eraser tool and a case.